Blog post #3:

End of semester thoughts

- Victor Guyard

The Best Semester yet

This semester has been amazing. I successfully managed schoolwork, relationships, family, and sports, and still accomplished many goals I had set for myself.

Let’s go over them in bullet-point style:

So, first, I made my website. I say remake, but really, I should have done this years ago. I made my previous website in high school French class with Bootstrap Studio back in 2019. In the 50 minutes I had, I discovered GitHub Education pack in 15 minutes, it took me 10 minutes to download it, and 10 minutes to design my old website, before publishing it on GitHub pages.

Now I have a planned project, where I can express myself in multiple ways, about anything I wish. It’s liberating. I put my thoughts and projects here, and have a “real” online presence.

This semester, I started really getting into calisthenics. 4 months in, muscle ups are easy, I can do handstand push ups (2 without wall assist!), and I am almost getting the front lever down.

I created a club, Global Conflict Talk, which has led me to meet people who share my interests in geopolitics, war, and conflicts. I now do not bother my friends with these subjects!

Classes went fine. End of story. Not too much overwork, if at all.

I learned Rust! Finally! Through the frustration of course registration, I made a desktop app using Tauri.

This is not finished and is quite simple, but I don’t want to look at a screen for the next 2 weeks. See you in 2023.

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