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Victor Guyard

Welcome to my personal website. This place acts as my resume, internet canvas, and project showcase.

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About me


I'm Victor, and this is my website. I'm a French-American student who likes skiing, surfing, and coding! I am currently studying at Georgia Tech, and enjoy reading, keeping up with web development and geopolitics when I am not in the mountains or at the beach. You can learn more about me right here.

Work Experience

I have done a few things here and there. Most recently, I helped develop a web interface (and more) for a startup called Nutrivend.
I have interned at Salesforce twice, as a Software Engineer.
Before that, I was at GTRI, also as a software engineering intern.

Latest Project

Your .webp can be smaller, just use .png beforehand

Investigating why all .webp files are not equal.

Tags: dev optimization image formats
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