Global Conflict Talk

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I created a club at Georgia Tech.

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What is Global Conflict Talk (GCT) about?

GCT is a club I created at Georgia Tech to discuss everything having to do with current geopolitical/conflict (~ war, territorial disputes, etc.) events around the world.

The main goals of this club are to:

How does such a club “operate”?

Every week, a group member or I deliver a 20-minute presentation on a topic that sparked their interest or is of great importance at the time.

For instance, the kickoff presentation touched on Russian logistics in Ukraine (and the appearance of T-62s for Russia) and the crash of an F35 in the US.

After said presentation, the club members ask questions, discuss on the topic, and can lightly debate and make predictions. The key point is to not discuss which political side or nation is morally right, as that leads to chaos every time. The club and its discussions are purely to see what motivates each side in a conflict or tense geopolitical stage.

Examples of topics

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