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I built a new personal website using Astro, SCSS, and Tailwind (somewhat).

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This project isn't done yet! Updates are to come!

What is this?

My website. My old one is available to see here.

I wanted to have something I was actually proud of and didn’t take me 5 minutes to make during a French class in high school because I discovered Bootstrap Studio was an easy way to prototype a minimalist website.

How do I view this project?

It’s live. You’re using it right now.

What tech was/is used?

Astro, TypeScript, SCSS, and Tailwind. The last one has got to go though, and will be gradually phased out. I find it useful for prototyping, but don’t like having a lot of classes around, especially as I don’t exactly know how each works. Also, it sometimes messed with my SCSS module files.

All the blog posts, the project posts, the /about page, and most of the pages on /more use markdown.

The bubble animation appearing when the page is clicked uses the Mo.js library.

Project structure

- Astro project/
  - public/
    - images/
    - fonts/
  - src/
    - assets/
      - images that can't be loaded in via /public (idk why)/
    - components/
    - pages/
    - styles/
    - layouts/
    - utils/

Astro integrations used

Entries as the site progressed

01/27/2023 - v1.8

Upgraded to Astro 2.0. I now use the content folder to host the blog, project and random posts. I therefore have to use [..slug].astro which is alright? Also, a whiile back images have been changed to use .webp instead of .jpg or .png.


I added the bubbly click animation with Mo.js. It’s fun! I’m experimenting with page load animations now.


My roommate told me he was disappointed in my website today. After realizing he meant the landing page, I agreed. It’s time to redo it.

I’ll try to make it look more modern without the typical start-up feel, and maybe add light/dark mode.


Wow turns out I was dumb and Vercel was lenient.

For ~18 hours this website 404’d. I couldn’t figure out why. Redeployed over 20 times trying out new things. Turns out a path was set wrong and a commit triggered Vercel to realize it? I’m not sure. Here is the link to the issue.


So far, I hate styling so much. Thank you so so so so much for SCSS.

Alright. V1 of this website is done! Finally! It has been a bumpier ride than I expected, with a very annoying bug (actually a JS compilation uncertainty that therefore isn’t allowed by vite) at the end. But woo! It’s finally done!