Just some rants I may have

1. Image Importing from Markdown frontmatter props

For the banner images of projects to work properly, I had to take this file from Astrowind. Unless I just couldn’t figure out how to do it correctly, you can’t import an image url/path from a frontmatter props to use as a CSS background image out of the box, or else Vite will have compiling errors.

So essentially I have to do this:

const meta = {
  image: await findImage(frontmatter.img),

Instead of:


Nevermind —> this was updated and is no longer necessary!!!

2. Stingerette drivers at Georgia Tech

Don’t get me wrong, I do heavily appreciate this taxi/shuttle service that goes from 8pm until ~ 2, 3, 4am? However, I do wish that the drivers didn’t drive like maniacs, airpods in, leaving me to wonder how I haven’t been the victim of a T Bone accident yet.

3. People who listen to music with earphones but I can hear what they’re listening to

No explanation needed. Get your ears checked.

4. TypeScript is not environmentally-friendly, meaning this website is killing the earth (a joke)

According to this tweet referencing this paper, TypeScript is not a “green programming language”.

I am therefore required to rewrite this website in Rust. On top of this website carbon calculator give my homepage a carbon rating of D.

This is entirely due to the current (Jan 26 2024) project image that is loaded on the homepage. Check the /about page results for proof.

5. Seating options on GT campus

There are not enough desks. The new student center is 80% covered in small, 1ft off the ground coffee tables with the matching chair. Not an outlet in sight either. This makes it impossible to work effectively.

Obvisouly there is the “library”, the CULC and Price Gilbert, but even those are limited in capacity.

6. Students using vapes/e-cigarettes in the library/CULC

Self explanatory. Go on a jog to get fresh air. Idiot.

7. Barefoot (no socks) at the gym

At the CRC there was a girl who was using leg machines barefoot, as well as walking barefoot. You’re gross. Put socks on AT MINIMUM.