1. Image Importing from Markdown frontmatter props

For the banner images of projects to work properly, I had to take this file from Astrowind. Unless I just couldn’t figure out how to do it correctly, you can’t import an image url/path from a frontmatter props to use as a CSS background image out of the box, or else Vite will have compiling errors.

So essentially I have to do this:

const meta = {
  image: await findImage(frontmatter.img),

Instead of:


Nevermind —> this was updated and is no longer necessary!!!

2. Stingerette drivers at Georgia Tech

Don’t get me wrong, I do heavily appreciate this taxi/shuttle service that goes from 8pm until ~ 2, 3, 4am? However, I do wish that the drivers didn’t drive like maniacs, airpods in, leaving me to wonder how I haven’t been the victim of a T Bone accident yet.

3. People who listen to music with earphones but I can hear what they’re listening to

No explanation needed. Get your ears checked.