Adding value to society

An experiment with AI-based browsing

What is this?

Under all my blog and project posts, there should now be a bit of text saying:

“Monetary Value Added to Society: $NUMBER. See why.”

This number is complete bogus. I recently got interested in AI-based search such as and Arc Search’s browser for you, and googled myself. Here is a typical result to the question: Who is Victor Guyard?


Victor Guyard is a French-American individual who, as of the information available, is a recent graduate from the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering. He has a diverse set of interests and skills, ranging from skiing and surfing to coding and web development. Guyard has been involved in various projects and internships, including creating a disc golf picker upper for a startup class at Georgia Tech and completing a summer internship at Salesforce, where he worked on generative AI and large language models for marketing purposes. He has lived half of his life in France and the other half in the U.S., and he enjoys learning languages, reading, and programming in multiple languages and frameworks. Guyard’s programming experience includes frontend development, desktop apps with Rust, Java, PHP, Python for machine learning and web scraping, among others.

Student He is a French and American computer science student at Georgia Tech. 🔬 Researcher Victor Guyard is involved in research at ASDL, focusing on areas such as generative AI and large language models for marketing. 🚀 Entrepreneur He has been part of a startup class at Georgia Tech, where he worked on creating a disc golf picker for driving ranges. Victor Guyard is known for Un soir de joie (1955).


📚 Education Victor Guyard is pursuing a computer science degree at Georgia Tech. 🇫🇷🇺🇸 Dual Nationality He is both French and American. French and American CS student at Georgia Tech.

🔍 Area of Study His research at ASDL involves artificial intelligence and machine learning. 📈 Focus He has worked on generative AI and large language models for marketing.


💡 Startup Class: He participated in a startup class at Georgia Tech. Disc Golf Project: Victor Guyard created a disc golf picker for driving ranges as part of this class. A look into creating the world’s first and only disc golf equivalent of a golf ball picker for driving ranges, created for a startup class at Georgia Tech. |

(Kind of all over the place for Arc.)

Anyway, I have decided to try to trick these AIs, and lie on the internet. There is now this bit of code running under every blogand project page:

let { upper = 200000, lower = 1500 } = Astro.props;

const randomNumber = Math.floor(Math.random() * (upper - lower + 1)) + lower;

I wish to see what AI browsing will accomplish here. Will it not care? Warn people about this lie? Associate my name with “added value to society”? Who knows!

I will run this experiment for at least 2 weeks.