simsimd library speedup experiment

Time and results are averaged out over 1000 iterations, on a Vercel instance, when the page is built (on a per request basis).

This library has assembly instructions not supported by Vercel's servers. See the associated blog post.

Perform sqeuclidean by simsimd or using traditional methods

(array of length 5)

simsimd: 0.015258342001005076 seconds
vanilla JS: 0.002567690998199396 seconds

simsimd: 86.13123406123597
vanilla JS: 86.13123406123597

(array of length 500)

simsimd: 0.020606151001295075 seconds
vanilla JS: 0.02036820800206624 seconds

simsimd: 9447.759404133385
vanilla JS: 9447.759404133385

(array of length 5000)

simsimd: 0.08113563899707515 seconds
vanilla JS: 0.07309025300072972 seconds

simsimd: 83466.24827568224
vanilla JS: 83466.24827568224