simsimd library speedup experiment

Time and results are averaged out over 1000 iterations, on a Vercel instance, when the page is built (on a per request basis).

This library has assembly instructions not supported by Vercel's servers. See the associated blog post.

Perform sqeuclidean by simsimd or using traditional methods

(array of length 5)

simsimd: 0.0013714589999144664 seconds
vanilla JS: 0.008609438000188674 seconds

simsimd: 179.13706472796454
vanilla JS: 179.13706472796454

(array of length 500)

simsimd: 0.004745367999996233 seconds
vanilla JS: 0.012523619999978109 seconds

simsimd: 8641.34918426654
vanilla JS: 8641.34918426654

(array of length 5000)

simsimd: 0.061967278000098304 seconds
vanilla JS: 0.06575862200000847 seconds

simsimd: 83269.06004220818
vanilla JS: 83269.06004220818