Blog post #5:

Some reflection and thoughts before going into 2024

- Victor Guyard

Some closing thoughts

I write this from France, while it snows heavily outside. There isn’t anything as gorgeous as snow. I am convinced of it. Maybe the Alps, viewed from themselves. Still, I prefer the mountains covered in snow.

It has been a great year for me. I have accepted a full-time position, got accepted into a master’s program in CS, have been involved in a startup, and completed some novel projects.

I only injured myself in October (on the 25th?), and it wasn’t even a broken bone.

I have started swimming, got a bike, and have started to manage my time better. My skiing has improved as well.

More importantly, I am happy. To accomplish this, I didn’t hang around and wait for things to come. To be happy (or at satisfied/content at minimum), I must seek out opportunities.

I’m glad I have not become a robot who equates hanging out with friends as a function of time (sorry Will I know we don’t know each other but what the heck was this…).

I look forward to 2024, to what good steps I will take/continue, and to those I will spend time with. Whether I build or hang out with them.

Une phrase qui souhaite décrire l’année 2024

Sois productif, car il n’y a aucun inconvénient à cela.

Be productive, as there is no downside to it.

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