Blog post #2:

I gave a presentation at Georgia Tech

- Victor Guyard

A new (unofficial) club on campus

Global Conflict Talk is a new club I have decided to create at Georgia Tech. The goals of this organization are to have weekly/biweekly meetings regarding current conflicts and geopolitical events happening in the world, and to be up to date with current events (but more in depth).

I’ll go more into the club on my projects page.

The kickoff meeting

The kickoff meeting happened Thursday October 27th, and I’d like to say it went very well! About 10 people showed up, including friends, undergrads, veterans and PHD students.

For ~40 minutes, I presented to my audience how Russian logistics in Ukraine have greatly helped the Ukrainian counteroffensive, been devastating for the Russian troops. The topic was more geared on tanks (why we see T-62s in Ukraine), with explanations on ATGMs, Kerch bridge and supply routes, ERA on tanks, fuel, supply depot corruption and more.

I was very pleased with the turnout rate, and people really seemed to enjoy what I said.

This is exciting and I can’t wait to see what comes after this!

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