Blog post #1:

My first blog post - lets try something out!

- Victor Guyard

A new source of motivation

First time writing something like this. Lets see how it goes!

I decided to remake my personal website completely from scratch a few weeks ago, as I was applying to CS internships for the summer of 2023.

Through a previous coworker and frontend developer youtubers, I discovered Astro, and was amazed! No React, no rendering blah blah blah, no lifecycles. Just speed.

As I had been talking about having a bigger presence online with some friends, I decided that I could simply have a portfolio & blogging system on the new site. Astro supports markdown too, so writing entries should be a piece of cake!

So that’s it! I just want to try something new, new technologies, and I wish to be able to rant about an issue I ran into (and how I dealt with it), or go over a topic I find interesting and have something to show for it.

How does this help me?

This will affect to an extend how I manage my time, and it is the goal. I am doing this to use my time more effectively, and if building things, at least I can tell myself that I will show what I have done, which will lead me to finishing projects.

Merci pour votre attention!

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